7 Things that the cat owners can not understand

If you are an old cat breeder and you have the skill to raise them, you know what to get when you bring a small cat to the house you get with him a lot of headaches, but worth the other.
If you have a cat in advance, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

If you are not thinking about becoming a husband, you must learn everything about them and keep reading so that you can know what happens when you become the parent of the cat. It has a serious commitment and you must do it right because it requires special time and effort. By doing it will require important times of your time.

I do not want to scare you or to correct your decision to own a cat. You have to be confident that it is a wonderful and important decision that you have never raised for your pet.

These are 7 things that only cat owners understand

1- There is no nicer animal than a cat

1- There is no nicer animal than a cat

From the look of this little cat you felt that you should take this nice animal home with you .
There are studies that proved that the small cat with a round face with large eyes reach into your soul and this is designed by nature in order to make your soul feel safe for those who have the opportunity to survive .

Here you are internally linked to their nice, small and fun appearance, which makes you feel that he is the smartest and smartest cat on the face of the earth. This phenomenon only happens with cat lovers .

2- More cardboard box loves the cat

2- More cardboard box loves the cat

You may spend a lot of time choosing the right bed for your cat, but after reading the books and references and examining the best beds for the cats,

I chose the right bed for the cotton hose that did not irritate his skin, and I added some pillows with a kitty size to feel more comfortable and elegant.

And there was a surprise about the bed when it came from the Amazon shipment that the cat loved the cardboard  bed much better than the bed that tired and strained to choose it shock .

3- Lasers and sun rays are their favorite game

3- Lasers and sun rays are their favorite game

Cats are by nature a creature of playfulness that loves to play and jump , But there is little that is more entertaining for them – 
watching the light through a window and trying to hold it to its feet 
But the most fun and laugh a lot if you have a laser from Amazon or any electronic store, cats and especially small can spend hours in an attempt to chase and hold these lights.
Is a very funny and entertaining and trying to catch the light of these cats wonderful animals make us smile.

4- Enjoying your cat better than some people

4- Enjoying your cat better than some people

When cats have a good mood, they offer their companion a good and very sincere and a lot of affection and love, and all that is required of you is nutrition, drinking and love .
They provide in return many entertainment and influence ,They do not tell you that you need to be a better person, not a neighbor.

They accept you just as you are one of the purest forms of unconditional love which is something? It is difficult to find among humans these days if not impossible. 

5- Cats love chasing their prey even if you are

5- Cats love chasing their prey even if you are

This is another wonderful thing about cats because cats love to play, they are always looking for something to entertain them, especially with their owners, such as Far is in the corner in front of him .

Or the slippers that hang from the end of your foot , So that you can have the right moment to attack prey, and these are the behaviors and entertaining sense of humor and impressive when discovering the ability to patience that you can develop over time that it is really a smart cat. 

6- When you choose your cat to get away from you

6- When you choose your cat to get away from you

When your cat stops admiring you because of a bad situation, it may end in a few minutes and may last for several days .

It seems that anything you try will impress him and you can try to play and incubate with him just to be treated as an annoying president you irritated .

Here the family dog may try to be friendly with him, but no matter what your relationship with him, it will not give you the time of the day to feel it when it will be that I do not know the answer still exists. 
The cats become turbulent and there is not much you can do, until the dark cloud passes over it and once again feels tolerant of you even though you may be able to adapt to it but you do not dare to try to pull your cat because it may be sad because of you .

7- When you breed cats you do not have a personal space

If you do not raise your cat on your personal space, you will be surprised to sleep over your face to show you that she loves you, and gives you zero personal space .

You’ll find them above the computers and above the desktop, and many items in the house will look for more places to rest to take a nap.

And because they are inherently social animals when hit by the mood to be with you will not stop her door or work place will find them wrap around you, especially when you feel loneliness will find it wrap around your foot and it is here to help you.

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