Top 7 funny mamas when my dad takes care of me

Becoming a parent these days is different from what it was 40 years ago when the responsibility for raising children was solely for the mother, but today in 2019 it is different as women enter the job market after they become mothers, 
it makes sense to require childcare and business In the home of those who care about them and with the high wages of maids and child incubators, 

it was necessary to divide these services and services between the father and the mother, so the responsibilities of the father exceeded the need to bring the food to the house,
But he may be a full-time or part-time official. The census has shown that there are about 3 million parents at home with their children while the mother goes to work.

Of course, I have no doubt that there are amazing parents who are doing great things for children, but we are here to laugh at some of the things they discovered in order to take care of their children .

Here are some of the moments that were discovered and photographed with the camera :

1- My dad is the princess

1- My dad is the princess
Jermaine J. of Pennsylvania says:

The best time he spends with his daughter is when he draws his fingernails and most of his fingertips.
But when he was cleaning under his fingernails to remove the nail polish from his fingers and having difficulty with it then he said in the same breath that this was the last time I did it.

But when his 6-year-old daughter returned to do this, for the second time he could not resist her bravado because that made her happy, and she made the mother go out to buy her own special nail polish.
Her daughter is now about 8 years old and still uses her father’s blue nail polish.

Jermaine told me I still feel embarrassed sometimes when she shows the blue color to her friends and tells them that this paint her father’s nails but worth making her happy.

2- The difference between dad and mother in the care of the baby

2- The difference between dad and mother in the care of the baby
Indeed, men’s genes differ in their composition from women. When it comes to parenthood, each has a different way of doing things.
Each individual differs from the other and each spouse has a difference as does each family , But we have a range of different ideas to compare how a father behaves for a mother .

We have a general view that the mother has more kindness in caring for the baby.She is the only one who has love and tenderness
A father is usually seen as the person who receives free care and risks taking up your seat in the pattern of motherhood and paternity

Parenting and parenting is not as important as being a father, but to be a child who needs our children. There may be a preference for young children and a tendency for one parent to depend on who spends most of the time with them, but in fact my father can do whatever his mother does.

3- elsa ( best dad award )

3- elsa ( best dad award )
Wearing the Elsa costume to go with his child who wears the Olaf costume is the best
Theme Halloween costumes are trendy,We are sure that there are many parents who have sacrificed their dignity to wear or deceive children  To play a sweet mother trick with their kids .

We were unable to record an interview with the father wearing Elsa’s uniform, but we were able to track down the father to see his position .

Jeff. M, the father in the picture and a father of three children from Colorado, said his wife was crazy at Halloween.
Last year we wore circus costumes, my mother was the Britney Spears version of the Lord of the Rings, and the oldest was a clown while the little ones were monkeys and magicians.

But my father won the giant pink rabbit costume. If you wear the Elsa clothes and the giant pink uniform, show your child how wonderful you are in the eye and the world as a whole.

4- dad coupon  

4- dad coupon
We all know that women are obsessed with coupons and discounts, but what about crazy men with coupons, this was Dad .

His hand has a terrible shopping spree that almost buried his baby down the food and this of course is not the first father forgets that there is a shipment in the cart full of food .

The father is Jeremy W., from Ohio, a father of three. He is responsible for all the grocery store and his wife cooks, usually leaving the older children at home because they double the bill with their light meals , It is easy to take a child because he does not take anything yet, and he uses a coupon for everything he buys .

The amount of money they make by planning grocery lists because of coupons is unbelievable .

Father Jeremy told us that he had saved more than $ 100 on a shopping trip using coupons and wholesale purchases

5- dad Artist

5- dad Artist
Always play this game with our friends and we are young when one falls asleep and it was a joke for fun, comedy trends that we follow as children continue to follow us until the age of puberty to become a comic father and also skilled in this case .

This picture is for Arizona’s father Lynn Gee who sees humor while enjoying photography in his free time. He does not take pictures of the traditional children we all follow , Nick has put a new picture on his family photos by allowing the children to take the artistic direction they choose.

Children choose a character to photograph and usually use as a reference for a small class , He did not like kids taking their pictures, telling them to smile and it was forced. I can say they are not happy as well as the camera.

By allowing to pretend they were someone else I picked up the best pictures of my children.
You just ask questions like what Superman does and see me, Nick says it’s fun for both of us. 

6- Dad is hungry

6- Dad is hungry
My father makes jokes with the baby and turns it into fruit and likeness , We usually look at the mysterious baby’s head and kiss him and let him go, but this father is different after eating his food and looking at his baby’s head like a cute kiwi .

The resemblance to the picture is very cool and we have to thank the father who thought of that ridiculous comic image. 

Andy H is a full-time nanny for an 18-month-old child. He always thinks of food when he is with the child, a man who has great appetite to start with but when the child is eating the food he also feels the need to eat .

“I always think about food,” Andy says. “I’m thinking about what I’m going to eat for breakfast, and once you’ve done that, never mind the morning snack, lunch, etc. 

Dr. Sears tells us that children should eat small, frequent meals .

7- daddy gamer 

Top 7 funny mamas when my dad takes care of me
There is a NBC News report that more than half of American adults play video games and one of five games every day. This father has discovered a way to keep himself and the child busy and you see that the child is enjoying his experience and yearns for the experience. 

Scientific research suggests that children under the age of two should not be seen on the screen, but be honest. It is almost impossible to protect a child from looking at the screen, when everyone around us uses smart phones, computers, TV and iPad in most households.

We see digital ads all the time and technology is constantly growing to surround us all the time. There is a high probability that our children will be exposed to the type of screen time that is available. 

Father Jacob L : A father of two children from Massachusetts, said he and his wife conducted their own research on their children’s lives and technology. They finally decided that the screen part was important to learning,
This will help their children learn about technology, so they can not sit around the day
In front of the television they have a structured time to sit in front of him but they are sure they get more than the recommended.

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