Four funny videos to fight chicken and dog

Just Laugh: Fight the dog with the chicken

Four funny videos to fight chicken and dog

What is the most beautiful of those clips and scenes that we see on You tube .
My pet is spreading like a pet, but today it’s not like any day. Today is our time with chicken fighting. When fighting starts, it’s hard for you to get involved.

But there has to be a voice to stop that war between the chickens,

and that’s why we’ve collected a collection of mimes from the most viewed on you tube to fight chicken , 
The dog intervenes to stop the battle between the two parties so as not to be injured.

1-Fight cock stand up game by the dog leader

This video is one of the most beautiful passages that make you crazy, 

the battle is raging between the red cock and the white cock and the jumping and fighting between them in the minute as the war of enter the leader of the dog did not end that war between them, 

the dog is the voice of peace ,Without the intervention of the leader, peace be upon us in the fighting between the dog and the chickens.

2-Please stop fighting

from : RM Videos

War and fighting raging between the parties and the dog tries to 
stop that war ,But soft does not work with them stop fighting sometimes you should use force to stop that fighting ,

The dog intervenes to stop fighting between the fighting cocks it is really very funny video .

3. Sometimes the police must intervene with the turkey until the fighting stops.

Sometimes the police force must intervene to stop the fighting if there is not a big voice or mind in that house, 

one of the nicest videos on YouTube that shows that the turkey is stopping the fighting between the cocks .
If the big turkey did not intervene, the fighting would never stop 🙂

4-Chicken vs. Corgi

from: RM Videos

We liked to end the martial arts in this wonderful section that will not stop you from laughing about fighting between the puppy dog and the chicken .

This time the fight between the little puppy and the chicken will not stop laughing .

It is a beautiful clip has achieved millions of views on YouTube, 

I hope you will listen with those clips and if you liked that video that you share that video with family and friends and enjoy it.

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