Hello welcome as we always used to make you laugh , Today is our date with a strange mix of funny videos of funny animals .


from : VIDEO HAY
Challenging animals is a really cool thing especially if you have a chicken at home with a cat or you have a mix between ducks and dogs and those animals really are , It has a wonderful challenge if it is present in your farm or in your home. These animals love to play and fight some and we see a lot of laughter with them .

Try not to laugh

from : VIDEO HAY
As you see in this wonderful video that has achieved more than 5 million views in two months , The video starts with cats fighting with the chickens is a very funny shot The duck clicks the dog 
The puppy fights the cock with a real fight I have a musical voice .

It’s a collection of wonderful and funny challenges among animals, cats, dogs, ducks and chickens , It’s 6 minutes of continuous laughter try not to laugh .

Challenge Animals 2018

Cats and dogs are fantastic animals as well as birds and chicks 
And do strange things and wonderful all the time I challenge you not to see this funny video of the other and especially with your family I hope to laugh at this wonderful video and enjoy your time and you watch that video with family and friends.

This video has generated 35,000 hits in a year , It is a video worth watching .


from : VIDEO HAY
I challenge you not to laugh with this funny video and start with the cock is fixing the neck of the duck in the ground and stand on it Hahaha 🙂  You will like this video very much especially if you love wrestling home pet animals only for laughter and entertainment .

Video compilation wonderful ten minutes of laughter, which has no end, especially when riding the puppy on the back of the ducks, do not share those wonderful videos with your friends .

We meet until we have another laugh soon .

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