cat vs chicken funny

cat vs chicken funny

cat vs chicken funny

Cat vs. Chicken funny fighting funny fighting, wonderful those images imagined by families that have cats and chickens when they are together fighting and joke together to come out with those funny videos .

That some chicken happily learns that a small farm cat a lesson! But this is a very kind hen and patience.

Unusual scene, the little cat curious and wants to play, he is a good player. The chicken is gentle and fluffy. Very quiet, thank you for the shrimp

What kind of chicken is it? Because this is the most pleasant and coolest of them all! 😀

cat vs chicken funny

It is a battle of two circles where the little cat is fighting with the big chicken and trying to teach her a lesson and it seems that this cat will be a great tiger and this is his future in life.

I do not know the video may be funny but I see that he tortures the hen and the cat will be growing I love cats but I may not be a lover of this video.

What do you think of this video?

Cat and hen Fight in my home

Fighting in my house between the cat and the chicken is a wonderful viral video spread on the Internet and on YouTube has achieved this video more than 7 million views It is a popular video in the fighting between chickens and cats .

Obviously the cat has done a 12 step programmer on how to control. 

Cat: You don’t stand a chance. 


In the fighting or the war, there is no one to emerge victorious. 

Three minutes of continuous laughter on the fighting between the chicken and cat It is a funny video I challenge you to laugh.

rooster vs cat fight original video

rooster vs cat fight This is a popular video spread on Youtube, which is one of the original fighting videos between the cat and the chicken and 
the highest videos Watch and spread on YouTube or social networking sites It is really wonderful videos and very funny.

I hope you like these videos and get your admiration and share with your friends.

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