The most beautiful clips of elephants on Daily Mail

One of us does not like this huge animal, the elephant ,
He is a mammal and although he is a huge animal, he is a very good animal .

The most beautiful clips of elephants on Daily Mail

The most beautiful clips of elephants on Daily Mail
from : Daily Mail

But this does not mean that you can go and buy this animal as a pet, because there simply is no place for him in the apartment or home .

But this is not what we are talking about today. We have come out of the context of the original subject.

Basically I loved n talking to you today and engaging with you the nicest and strangest sections of Elephants of the Daily Mail .

1- The baby elephant gives the man kisses

from : Daily Mail
In this section, the baby cradles and kisses the man, where the man rides the man with a fun time, laughing with him and embracing him. This video was filmed in Thailand .

2-The elephant is trapped in the canal

from : Daily Mail

This wonderful and creative shot illustrates the union of man and animal to save some , The video shows rescuers providing a rope ladder to the 25-year-old lost elephant , Who seem to be drinking a drink from a canal , But found it difficult to get out of the channel in Welikanda near Polonnaruwa , 

East of Sri Lanka, but with the help of wildlife rescuers, they have been able to extend a rescue rope to this elephant as the cats show a rope ladder to help the elephant cling to it and get out of the canal.

3- Jump with the elephant my friend

from : Daily Mail
The footage of that video shows that the young man is doing a helluva review and jumps with the help of the elephant and turns on his back, which is a very wonderful video.

4-Elephants get their own swimming pool

from : Daily Mail
When the weather is hot and the summer is hot you have to find a place to be dedicated to your day and the swimming pool may not be for you but it is for elephants fun and beautiful video.

I hope that if you like that video you can share it with your friends and thank you very much .

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