You will not believe what the school did in video

Back in 2014 again, the parents were in a state of amazement when they watched the parents Anthony and Amiral video of their little son Ian in front of the teacher as she pushed him and installed him to the wall of his neck a Riverdale college.
Security footage showed the six-year-old walking down a hall to use the lavatory

You will not believe what the school did in video

As soon as the boy came out of the bathroom, Barbara received him and he was in a state of anger and became aggressive with him and installed him to the wall and cut his neck and terror without any introductions or reasons for it

Williams picks up Ian and installs him on the wall, holding his face and intimidating him .

 A letter from supervisor Eric Hoffman explains the teacher screaming and saying “I’m fed up with you” and tired of your parents and I can tear you “

You will not believe what the school did in video

The child was in a state of terror as the teacher removed her from the shirt and prepared his brain in the wall .

Put yourself in Anthony’s place when you watch your son and the teacher install your son to the wall , And beating and rebuking him without any reasons is not supposed to be that the child-sensitive and interested in them .

It is really a big shock received by the father when watching the teacher almost kills his son and stuck to him and take off his face on the wall and the son is still terrified so far .

You will not believe what the school did in video

After the incident and the spread of this video, parents and parents demanded the expulsion of Williams. 

Williams was initally suspended from her job at the Riverdale native colleges district for ten days while not pay, however later resigned. a lot of on this story below.

The Findlay town Prosecutor’s workplace charged Williams with a law-breaking count of kid endangerment, to that she pleaded no contest. She received a $250 fine and was ordered to attend anger management categories — a lax penalisation within the Nelsons’ eyes.

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